Mar 4, 2009

About me

I've been "idle" for too long, not doing anything much.
Staying up late, sleeping till the afternoon, watching TV, wasting time.
and I've just had it.
So I've decided to start doing something meaningful in my life.
yuppp.... with my own hands.
Anything useful, anything at all.
It doesn't matter what, start small, dream big. :)
Whatever it is you dream of, it'll happen to you, you just have to start doing something right now.
I use the Creative-Hands Logo as a constant reminder for me to start doing something useful, the Logo is a reminder as if I was looking at my own hands and knowing that I'm supposed to do something meaningful Right now and actually start doing something.
I hope it can also be a reminder for you too.
yup... you are creative and you can do something meaningful with your hands.

Add the Creative-Hands logo to your blog / website and link it back to, so other people will know what the logo stands for, and the logo will also be a reminder for them to start doing something right now.
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Email : myhandshands [@] gmail [dot] com

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